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Construction activity

We perform all types of infrastructure projects, urban and resort development, as well as individual types of construction works.

Buying and sale of real estates 

Not only fulfill the role of a construction company, but also of a real estate agency, offering its clients liquidity proposals oriented to foreign buyers: we build objects and specially selected offers of our partners. Offer viewings of real estate, booking hotels, meeting and send to the airport (transfer), participation in negotiations, services of an interpreter, etc.

Legal Services

We provide legal services: preparing and checking the documents forming the preliminary agreement and Deed registration of purchased property in the relevant authorities, opening a bank account in Bulgaria, including a power of attorney (in case if the client is unable to travel in Bulgaria ) receiving a card bulstat. Also registration of a company in Bulgaria, obtaining residence permits, etc.


Assist in obtaining a mortgage loan at UniCredit Bulbank, Bulgaria. Especially for foreigners bank has developed a program to finance the purchase of real estate, offered by investment companies.

Management of real estate

Acts as a management company in the complexes own construction. Performed: security guard and video surveillance; cleaning, lighting and repair of the common parts and the facades of buildings; Amenities in the complex, looking for green areas and plantations; operation and maintenance of the pools; rental of apartments; payment of taxes and overheads; insurance of real estate; repairs in apartments and help in solving domestic issues.

Hospitality and travel services

One of the activities of the company in the hotel business. We offer everyone an unforgettable holiday on the Black Sea, the pearl of the Bulgarian SPA - c. Pomorie, Aparthotel "Blue Bay Palace".

Weight loss program "Belladonna"

Offer a unique opportunity to combine your holiday with participating in a weight loss program "Belladonna". Detailed information about the unique methodology can be found at the site