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Pomorie becomes Dubai

Businessmen already scanned the area to start the construction.
Planning construction of artificial islands in the Emirate.

Artificial island Palm Jumeirah in Dubai
Author RUMYANA Lyubenova source

Photos: author

Pomorie is going to look like Dubai by building artificial islands in the sea with attractions like those in the Emirates. Businessmen from Qatar, Abu Dhabi, China and South Korea even already scanned the area and discussed the possibilities for this development. "There is much opportunity to build artificial islands near Pomorie as south beach is shallow. About 250-300 meters he still only has raised 5-meter depth. So there is no problem with concrete to be poured inside rock, "explains the architect of Pomorie Kamen Shipkov. For years, he promoted the idea of ​​building artificial islands off the city.The project architect Kamen Shipkov already discussed and adopted in the municipality.

Arch. Shipkov proposes the construction of a complex of three islands in the sea, connected to the mainland by a 260-meter bridge. Two of them are small with one water attraction will be a water park, dolphinarium, swimming pools and any aquarium, the second - a casino, which will be temptation for rich tourists. The third and largest island will offer hotel facilities with luxurious 5 to 7-star hotels with spa complexes. It is possible the construction of 20-30-storey hotel, as architect. Hip indicates an example similar hotel, built on the sea at the entrance to the port of Barcelona. Island complex will offer all facilities and attractions accompanying a luxury tourist destination. Construction of an artificial island will mean longer needs moorings of fishing boats to be moved to another bay. The design of the new part of Pomorie will have marinas, according to preliminary calculations, the place would be enough to call up to 700 yachts.

Arch. Shipkov believes that the project is within and Bulgarian investors.

"They should be given land for building homes and hotels. By selling them then the investor will be able to provide the means with which to finance water development. We have made tentative accounts showing that the investment it will be about 20 million. Euros. This is completely affordable. For if I build about 1,000 apartments, their sale will provide the necessary amount, "said Arch. Shipkov.According to the law and the island beaches of it remain state property.

According to the mayor of the municipality of Pomorie Ivan Alexiev this will ensure security of the project will give guarantees to investors and community status will be changed and will contribute to the demand for real partners.

The municipal administration has already made a lot of preparatory work. And has provided 9 million. Lev development of fishing port with all the supporting infrastructure and its construction is imminent. There is a project for the reconstruction of the promenade and the summer cinema, which also secured funds.